About Me

Hi, my name is Brianna. If you were to ask me to tell you anything about myself, I would probably start with my family. So I have an amazing family. Direct and indirect. I mean we all have ups and downs with each other, but at the end of the day we know what is important. I have a mom, stepfather, dad, brother, and sister. Those are my direct family members. We are pretty close if I am allowed to have an input. That doesn’t mean that we haven’t had our differences in the past, but we have overcome them and created something better of it. I had a best friend. She was my indirect family. She was plenty of things. Kind. Supportive. Determined. Faithful. Everything a best friend should be. Anyways enough about my family.

Another thing I would probably mention is where I came from, where I’m at, and where I plan on going. I came from a small town in North Carolina. Ever heard of the phrase, “You blink and you miss it”? Well, that’s an exact replica of what my hometown is. I graduated Valedictorian from a small high school there. It was here that I discovered my love of writing from one of my English teachers. I, also, discovered my love for helping people and community service from some of my other teachers. Now I am a freshman at an out-of-state college. I am here with the hopes of majoring in English and possibly minoring in Psychology. After my time here, I plan to go to New York and become an editor. Sounds crazy, right? If you must know more about me, you should probably know that when I set my mind to something it will get done. Even if it’s extremely insane.

A few things about me is that I like to read. I read mostly young adult contemporary. Some of my favorites just in case you were interested are All the Bright Places, The Last Time We Say Goodbye, Thirteen Reasons Why, and Looking for Alaska. I also love music. Especially rock or pop punk. Stuff like that. Some of my favorite bands are Mayday Parade, twenty one pilots, and Pierce the Veil. The most important, however, is writing. Writing, more times than I can count, has been my outlet. Whether it be a journal or a fictional short story, it always helps me express how I am feeling clearly and better understand what I am feeling.

Now you are probably wondering what value this topic of change has on me. Well, I have had my fair share of change in my short life here. Just like everyone has. I am inclined to believe that I will have many more changes throughout the rest of my life. Just like everyone else. And this has had the ability to knock me down and ask the question, “why.” With this, I want to post some of my own personal experiences with change for the purpose of letting you know that it isn’t just you. It’s everyone. That doesn’t mean we will have the same experiences, but they might be similar. And it might be just what you need to know.