Everything I Didn’t Say

Here is a poem that I wrote. It’s my first try at one so it may not be too great, but I hope that it is at least decent.



I say this here

Because I don’t know if there’s

Trust in my voice to say it aloud

But I’m sorry.


Out of everyone, I’m the worst of all.

You lied there so broken while I sat without a clue.

I should have been there to help take the fall.

Every other time you were there for me and on your turn, I fail you.


Pieces of my heart are now scattered across the floor, once again,

I look down on them with a silent hope that they will fall back together.

But you were here last time

Now you’re not and I look down, screaming, “I can’t do this anymore.”


Laughter radiates from the room next to me

As bittersweet memories are all I can see.

You’re one masterpiece, crowding up the space in my mind.

Without you here, there’s nothing left.


Now I go through the motions, just to go to sleep,

With old messages you once sent lying unread

Just as my new ones stay with the words left unsaid.

Then I wake once again, but close my eyes,

Because a world without you is not a world I want to see.


So here it is

With every ounce that I have left,

Every moment that has fled,

Every tear that I have wept,

All the words left unsaid.


Don’t go.

I love you.

Please stay.



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